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Monday, September 5, 2011

You may have noticed the new badge on the left hand upper side of my blog.  Well I habve joined her blog in my goal to lose weight.  She is also trying to lose 20 pounds in 62 days.  She is trying to start a "community" for  people who are trying to lose weight the right way.  We can share our daily ups and downs and encourage each other in our goals.

If you would like to join us please feel to to click on her button/badge "Budgeting During College".  You will find this "community" unto "20 lbs in 62 days".

As for my weight loss journey...this weekend wasn't very kind.  I originally lost 3 pounds this last week and over the week have gained 1 pound back.  So in order to stay on track I need to lose my original two pounds this week. 

This week:

This morning I biked for 40 minutes and it felt great.
Tuesday:  Run - 30 minutes - strength train upper body
Wednesday - cardio video
Thursday - Bike 30 minutes - strength train lower body
Friday - Run - 30 minutes - strength train upper body
Saturday - Long bike ride (possible Dam Jam bicycle tour - 55 miles)
Sunday - Rest.

That is the plan.  I'll let you know if I stay on track.

Have a good rest of your Labor Day.

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