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I'll also blog about other things that interest me like my family, cooking (sharing receipes), things I learn along the way, etc. Hope you all enjoy.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Orange and purple flower hair clip

This is the hair clip that I just posted this morning.  You get two of them.  My daughter wears these with pig tails.  As you can see in the picture there is a bat brad holding it all together.
On the back there is a double pronged alligator clip.  They are very cute and just in time for Halloween. 

Come check it out at my store for the Orange and Purple Flower Hair Clip.  Share it with your friends.  Like it facebook and twitter.  They are very cute and so much fun.


Stephanie of Gumdrop Pass said...

Hi Lacie,

I just wanted to come by and thank you for your comment and for following my blog. Both make me so happy! :) I'm returning the favor as your newest follower!

You have an adorable family - and I love what you've posted of your Etsy shop! I'll have to drop by and look at your stuff (very dangerous for me - I LOVE all things handmade!) ;)

Have a great day - I'll be back to visit soon, I'm sure!

Lacie said...

Thanks Stephanie. I love all things handmade as well. If I make and sell it I'm less tempted to buy other stuff unless I need it.

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