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Monday, September 12, 2011

Well I had an awesome run this morning.  I decided to push harder than usual.  Sometimes I think I'm just being wimpy and today I think I proved that to myself.  I ran my miles 30 seconds faster than I have been.  That may not seem like much but it is a lot for me.  It felt great.

This weeks exercise line up is the same as last weeks:

Monday - run and strength train - upper body
Tuesday - Bike and strength train - lower body
Wednesday - video or resting
Thursday - Run and upper body
Friday Bike and lower body
Saturday - long run

Last week I started out good.  I ran and then biked and then after Wednesday I didn't do anything really.  I still lost weight until the weekend.  I lost 2 pounds last week and then gained 1 on the weekend.  I really need to get control of my weekends if I want to see this weight come off a bit faster.

I feel good and I am working on it.  I just think I mentally got burnt out last week.

I found out over the weekend that a few more of my friends are training for the same race as I am and it had me a little embarrassed by my current running.  That is why I pushed today and I'm so glad I did.

If you haven't found a few minutes to exercise today I would encourage you to find a few minutes for yourself and get your heart beating a little faster.


Delco Deal Diva said...

Very inspiring! I got my ultimate Zumba class in this morning! Nothing like a good jolt to start the day :0)

Thanks again for stopping by my blog. I am now following you as well


Lacie said...

Awesome. I love exercising in the morning it makes me feel good all day long.

Marlee said...

Hey! I wanted to let you know I got the chart set up on my Weight Loss Community page so let me know your updates and I'll add your progress to my chart!

And I'm jealous of your awesome run...I miss running in the mornings but now that I work night shifts again I'm always too drained to go in the morning (right after a 12 hour shift) so night time in the gym it is. Oh well, better than nothing!

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