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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pumpkin pie was a success!!

The other day I mentioned that I was making pumpkin pie from scratch and that I would share pictures with you later.  Sorry it has taken so long.  It has been one of those weeks where I feel like I am doing so much but nothing is getting done.
 This is a picture of the pumpkin and the tools that I used.  I tried the sawing motion it recommended on the internet and it didn't work.  I tried to stick the knife straight in and then push down.  That didn't work.  I almost couldn't get the knife back out.  So I went out and got my husbands rubber mallet and that worked.  I got the knife back in a sawing motions for about 1/4" and then used the hammer to hit one side and then the other in order to work it all the way through.  Not the safest way but affective.
This is what it looked like after I had spooned out the insides.
 You can microwave them but I don't have any glass bowls that have lids so I chose to steam them.  It takes about as long as the microwave.  I steamed them for about 30 minutes.
My steam pan isn't that big but it held half of the pumpkin at at time.

 So here is a cooked half of pumpkin.  I then cut it into 3 slices and used a spoon to spoon the pumpkin out of the shell.  Really easy.  It practically fell out just needed a little prompting.
After all was said and done I made a pumpkin pie.  One pumpkin made one pie for us.  It was perfect.  The pie was SSOOO yummy.  I think I'll do another pumpkin next week for cookies or just to freeze.  It took quite a bit of time so I didn't want to do all 4 in one day.  I should have because then they would all be done but I figured they were fine on my window sill.

I love learning new things.  This was a lot of fun.  It makes me want to get a pressure cooker.

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