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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun flex day turned not so fun.

Well the day started out great and was going great until it was time to get our girls ready for bed.  We had them (and us) all dress in our pajamas.  That is the best place to start.  Sometimes that can be a struggle in itself.  I was playing with Sarah...chasing her around, having fun. 

So then I was tickling her so much she had to run to the bathroom.  She said she was going to get me and that I should run.  So I ran from her into the living room.  I turned quickly thinking that she wasn't running that fast and could follow me easily.  Well I was wrong.  I turned and she tripped.  She was just close enough that she hit the edge of the coffee table coming down. 

Tears and blood came quickly.  We grabbed a washcloth as fast as we could picked her up, comforted her and then tried to look at the damage.  It looked like her tooth had gone through her lip and that part of her lip on the inside was caught around her teeth.

So I called my friend and we dropped Yana off on our way to the ER.  We got there, filled out the paperwork and then waited.  We called our home teacher and waited some more.  We were then lead to a room to take her vitals and then to another room to wait some more.  It amazes me that in an emergency room things are so slow and we spend so much time waiting for things to happen.

How home teacher came over and helped my husband give her a blessing.  After he left we waited some more and eventually the doctor came in.  He didn't think the tooth went through her lip but that she had bit her lip.  They cleaned it to check but nothing changed about that diagnosis.  Next they looked in her mouth and we saw what was happening.  The table had cut her gums and they were just kind of hanging from her teeth.  So the doctor cut it off.  We are hoping that wasn't a mistake. 

Her lip is all swollen and her gums look...well let's just say interesting.  She is supposed to eat soft stuff for a while so it doesn't hurt her mouth.

So tomorrow I'll call a dentist I know and see what he thinks we should do.  Well here we are just watching a movie.  Have a good night.  I'll share pictures tomorrow or Monday.

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