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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cake Decor

Last week the class was canceled as you know and I was really disappointed.  I was glad that our instructor didn't want to get us sick but I was so excited to learn how to use Royal Icing.  So this week was just awesome.

Tuesday morning I finished rolling the parchment bags that we would use with the Royal icing.  I also made two batches of Royal icing.  I measured it out to the amounts that were needed.  Then I turned some yellow, pink, and green. 

In this class we worked on the bases to the new rose we will be learning next week.  We also made Apple Blosoms, primroses, and rosebuds.  The only pictures I have are of the first two flowers.  The primroses we did on our practice board and they were eaten in order to clean the board.  Sacrifices for the cause. lol.  We really like the taste of Royal Icing.
 The flowers on the left are the apple blosoms and on the right are the primroses.

It was a lot of fun.  I'm really excited for these classes.

Next week we will be finishing the roses and I'll have pictures for your.  We will also be learning how to make the Daffodil, the Violet, and the Lily.  We will also be learning how to make the stems.

The last week is also going to be really fun.  We are supposed to bring in a cake already frosted and we will be learning how to basketweave.  That should be loads of fun.  We will also need to bring flowers that we have made ahead of time so decorate the cake.  I am so excited.  Then next month we will be moving on to Gumpaste and Fondant.  There is also a layered cake class that is two classes long that she is planning on doing either in October or November.

This has been so much fun.  I keep looking at all the Halloween decorations and am so excited to make things.  I just wish I had someone else to make them for so I didn't have to eat them lol.

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