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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sorry no posts yesterday

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. It was a very busy day.  It started out with my 9 month old waking up early: 6:30 am.  So I fed her and then started working on the menu for this week so I could make a grocery list.  My friend and I swapped children so we could exercise.  I went for a nice bike ride for 30 minutes.

Then we went to the grocery store.  We spent our usual hour in Walmart.  Then we came home had lunch, put Yana to bed and then I worked on the dress I am altering for a girl.  Then when Yana woke up I made two batches of Royal icing for class.  That icing is sooo yummy!!!

Then I hurried and made dinner.  Ate dinner. Then loaded up the girls to take them to my friends house.  My husband was running a few minutes late.  So then we went to our class.

I'll post about class later with some pictures.

After class I came home cleaned up my stuff and then went back into my sewing room to work some more on that dress.  I wanted it done today so they could come try it on in case we needed to change something by Thursday.  I was up until almost midnight.  Then around 2 Yana decided it was time to wake up again.  I wish I could figure out what it is that makes her wake up.

Well that is why I didn't post yesterday.

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