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Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend activites.

Well I did it.  I ran my 8 miles Saturday morning and it felt great. I set up a route Friday night so I knew exactly where I would be running.  I woke up at 7ish and had a granola bar.  Then I got dressed and ready to go.  I headed out the door with my hat, gloves and sunglasses on.  I took some water and some Cliff shot blocks to test out.  I know they say you don't need them for runs under 10 miles but I want to know how my body will react to them if I take them on the 13.1 mile run.   It took me 1 hour and 40 minutes.

It felt great and I loved it.  I was sore but nothing hurt.  I am still sore today.

Do you remember when I posted about a blog that was doing it's first giveaway?  If you don't you can click here to see the post.  Well I also entered that giveaway.  Guess what?  We won.  I was amazed.  I didn't really expect to win I was just trying to help her have a great giveaway.  She put Sarah's name on it and sent it to us.  Sarah loves it.
 We chose the bag with the pumpkin on it.  Isn't it so cute.
She immediately wanted to fill the bag with toys and she was that much more excited for Halloween so she could put candy in it.  Thank you Appibelleart.  Check out her blog and her store to see what else she has.

While taking pictures of my flower clips for my store Sarah really liked a set of hair clips for Halloween so I gave them to her but I thought I'd show you what they look like.

As much as she hates spiders she loved these flower hair clips.

Well that was our weekend.  We went for a long drive up to Kansas and back and just had an enjoyable time.  This week should be busy and interesting.

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