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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I love my husband!

My husband spent Tuesday through Saturday in Texas working at the sites.  We have missed him.  He has had a lot of work lately.  He texted me this morning that he had a package coming and that I should check for it especially if I was going to be out and about a lot.  A couple hours later he asked if the package had gotten here yet.  He said it was a part for his truck.

So after we got back from our walk and Yana was sleeping and someone rang the doorbell.  I figured it was the package and much to my surprise when I opened the door there was a lady holding these:
 Aren't they beautiful.  I just love them.  They colors are beautiful.
 Here is the sad thing.  I now know what these flowers are because I've learned how to make them in my sewing class.  Sad, I know.

Very pretty.  I just love them.  I love my husband.  He apologized for spending so much time at work.  He has been so busy and so stressed lately.  It was so thoughtful that he thought to send flowers.  I don't hold anything against him having to work and I haven't given him any guilt trips or anything.  I understand that he has to work and that he has to go out of town.  I enjoy the time when he is here and appreciate the money that pays our bills.

I just love him.  Got to brag him up a bit.

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