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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Husband's project

My husbands last semester in collage he took a woodworking or something like it.  In this class they made cabinets.  Normally they would make them and then the school would have an auction and sell them for a set price to the bidders.  He didn't want his to be sold.  He wanted it.  He had plans for it.  He had words with his teacher and they let him buy it.  He bought it for me with my future sewing room in mind.  The top is not in the pictures.  He wanted to add casters to it so he took the top off in my sewing room and took the cabinet into the garage.
 This is what it looked like without the bottom on it.
 This is the new bottom that he made with casters on it.  Awesome!  I was so excited.
 We stained it and got it put back together.  YAY!!!
Sarah wanted to play in it.  She climbed in and we pushed her around the garage. 

Now it is back in my sewing room.  A bit taller which is awesome.  The drawers are back and the top is on and it has been put to use.  I love it and I am so grateful that my husband thought of me when building it.

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