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Thursday, October 13, 2011

An Idea

Today when I was sewing I got another table runner top finished and decided that I needed to start cleaning some other stuff up.  I got the family ironing done and had an idea.  I learned how to do most of my sewing at BYU-Idaho.  I believe it was the first class I took when we made a skirt as one of our projects.  I made one during class and then another one after the class on my own.

I liked the skirt but since have gained weight and then lost and gained and lost and I'm just never at the right spot for those skirts.  They are either too big or too small.  I put them into my box of material to use on another project and had an idea to turn them into dresses for Sarah.  They would drown Yana at this point.  She can grow into them.  So I looked up how to make pillowcase skirts and I will use that idea to make these two skirts dresses for Sarah.

I will share before and after pictures once they are done.  I love coming up with new ideas.

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