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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday's featured shop!

Today we are going to talk jewelry.  Who doesn't love jewelry in one style or another.  As I was looking at the different shops on my LDS Etsy team this one caught my eye.  So this week's featured store is:

Her name is Renee Sumner and she is in Fort Worth, Texas. She is married and they have 4 children.  From the looks of her store she is very talented.  According to her profile she joined December 18, 2007.  So she has been around for a few years.

Here is a list of her favorite materials to work with so you have an idea of some of the things that she sales.
Swarovski crystal
Czech glass
Vintage components
Sterling Silver
She also sales photographs

Labradorite, Pearl, Crystal, Glass and Sterling Silver Set
As you can see from this pictures she makes necklaces and earrings.
You can get them in sets or separate.
Pink Rose Adjustable Brass Filigree Ring
She makes rings.
Citrine, Copper and Hessonite Garnet Bracelet
She also has bracelets and anklets.

There are many things on her store website.  You can click her name at the top to check out her store.

This has been a lot of fun.  I enjoy looking at new stores and telling others about them.

I hope you have a wonderful day.


FineAndDandy said...

Thank you Lacie for featuring my Etsy shop. I love your colorful blog! I am amazed at your sewing talent, as that is not something that comes easy for me!

Lacie said...

No Problem FineAnd Dandy. It was my pleasure. I enjoy spreading the word.

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