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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Well here I am sitting down to tell you about my vacation and I realized that I don't have all the pictures so I will post it and then when I get the rest of the pictures I'll add them.  So you may have to come back and check them out.

Well Wednesday we flew to Idaho.  It wasn't the greatest....we started the day late...or I should say that the airlines started us out late and that just seemed to set the tone for the rest of the day.  We missed the connecting flight since our first flight didn't take off until after the connecting flight and then the flight they put us on was late.  It was a good thing that we didn't have anything important that day.  We eventually made it to Idaho and met my sister in law at the airport.   

We then dropped her off at her apartment and borrowed her car to head to Grandpa's cabin.  Later that night my in laws made it.

Thursday was a busy day.  In the evening we had the first part of my sister in laws graduation.
Friday was also a busy day ending with the finale of graduation.

This is Sarah sitting next to Grandpa at Convocation. 

Saturday we had a family reunion at Lava Hot springs.  It was a good reunion.  It was interesting because we saw my old car driving around.  I used to drive a 1986 blue T-Top Camaro.  It was nice to see it and see that it was being driven.  After the reunion we came back and swam in the lake.  Sarah loved it.  It was cold.  The reservoir is usually down to 60% or so but was still at 100%.  It was awesome.

Sunday we went to church and visited with friends and then headed down the hill to my family.  My dad blessed my brother's baby and then we had a BBQ afterwards with family and friends.  It was nice to spend time with friends and family.  After everyone had left my dad showed me his bike and offered to let me ride it for my big ride.  I had already borrowed my brothers bike.  Then we got to drive my dad's new toy - the skid steer.  It was so much fun.  I love driving tractors and things like that.

Monday we got up and worked on the sewer and other projects around the cabin.

Tuesday we (my sister in law and myself) woke up and at 6:30 and were on our ride around 7 am.  We were originally going to ride to West Yellowstone from the cabin which would have been about 32 miles but with all the traffic and not that great of shoulders to ride on...not to mention the fact that it was making all the men in the cabin anxious for our safety.  We chose a different route. We chose to ride to Big Springs and back which put us at 31.6 miles and then we rode farther around the island and ended up with 32.3 or so miles.  It was good.  My brother's bike worked great.  It had a mind of it's own and kept shifting up on me while going up the hills.
I really enjoyed the ride and would like to train for some longer ones.

Some point in the week while we were traveling up and down the hill my daughter got a hold of my sister in laws mascara and decided to put it on all by herself.  Let me remind you that my daughter is 3.

Thankfully she didn't poke her eyes out.

Well that is enough for now.  I'll tell you all about the rest of our vacation in the next couple of days.

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