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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vacation continued...

We had a great vacation.  Last weekend it was my family reunion.  It was so exciting getting to go to my family reunion.  It was sad at the same time though.  We had to say good-bye to Josh's sister and her husband Friday morning.  Then when we left for the reunion we had to say good-bye to my in laws because they would be leaving Saturday while we were at the reunion.

We packed up our stuff in Grandpa's truck and headed to the reunion.  We took several pictures along the way.
 This is the river near Pond's Lodge  We sometimes see moose feeding in the river.
 This is the view as we are coming down the hill and it opens up on the valley below.  Pardon the bugged windshield.
Here is the  view going back to the cabin.  The mountain in the back is Sawtelle.

It is so pretty in Idaho.  The weather was beautiful the entire time we were there.

The reunion was great.  We got there Friday night and set up our tent.  This tent was awesome.  I wish I would have thought about taking a picture.  This tent was ancient lol but sooooooo awesome.  We roasted our hot dogs at my cousins fire and then went back to visit for a few hours with my immediate family.

Saturday we had breakfast and then went swimming at Heise.  We even took Sarah down the slide.  It was a lot of fun.  Later after dinner we an Old time band play music for us.  Josh danced with Sarah a lot and with me a couple of times.  After the dancing we played Family Feud.  Guys against Girls.  I don't know who won because we had to take our girls back to camp so they could sleep.  They were getting grumpy.

After that we visited with my brother's for a while and recounted several hunting stories we had together and then I heard of several of their new ones from the last couple of years.  It was so much fun.

Sunday we had breakfast and then packed up and headed back up the hill.  We visited with Grandpa for a while and got things packed up and ready to head down to the airport in the morning.

Monday we ate a wonderful breakfast made for us by Grandpa and then we loaded up in the cars and headed down the hill to the airport.  We had a pretty uneventful flight home.  Got stuck on the airplane for 30 minutes in Tulsa because the plane in our spot wasn't ready to leave.

It was a great vacation full of walks around the island.  Swimming in the water, bike rides, work, laughter and fun.  I love Idaho and already miss it but it is good to be home again.

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