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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Coupon burn out

I believe that I have hit or am almost through my first coupon burnout.  When I started I was really into price matching and getting coupons everywhere I could.  I would plan my grocery list and then look up each item looking for coupons or better prices in order to safe us some money.

As time went on I started slacking on one then another of these steps that I went through to the point where I didn't care if I bought the Sunday paper, look up each item, or really even have a coupon.  I was only taking 2-3 coupons to the store with me for my list.

I got tired of cutting them out really.  It took so long to cut them out and I, like most people, have better things to do than sit and cut coupons out for hours.  So I decided that I would buy a paper cutter.  It wasn't expensive and isn't huge but it has helped cut the cutting time down.  I never stopped but I feel like now I am getting back into it.  I am sitting here cutting out coupons with the paper cutter while my oldest plays with my hair and my youngest is on the floor.  I look forward to saving money and seeing how I can.  I don't spend hours on this but my goal is to save at least $10 dollars each time I go which over time does add up. 

It has been fun saving money and learning where to look for savings.

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