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Monday, August 8, 2011

Question of the day (week)

Well I have now been home from Idaho for a week.  I finally got out this morning and went for a jog.  So here is the question that I have been asking myself all week long.

Is it alright to exercise when sick?  from the shoulders up that is.

We all got sick on our vacation.  It is some type of a cold.  My throat hurts, the back of my neck hurts and earlier in the week my lower back hurt.  I haven't had a lot of energy either.  So I rested all week.  We didn't go outside hardly at all because it is so hot outside.  I set my alarm a few times but just couldn't get myself out of bed.  This morning almost turned out the same.  I lay there thinking to myself that it was too dark outside.  Then I figured I'd have to start running at night again and then the fact that it was so hot outside at night changed my mind.

So I did it.  I ran 1.6 miles in 20 minutes.  Not super fast but given the fact that it has been a week and half since my last run and I don't feel that great I figured it was a good run.

So my answer that question above is that it all depends on how you feel.  I felt ok.  I figured if running wasn't going to work then I would walk and still get at least a little exercise.  I have felt really good all morning.

Then later I did a pilates yoga workout which also felt really good.


Anonymous said...

The abdominal exercise muscle is a small muscle group and when it is isolated it doesnt require a lot of effort to contract the abs.

Lacie said...

Thanks montanna.

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