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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sewing again

Well I don't know about you but when things get busy my sewing time tends to suffer.  I haven't been sewing a whole lot since we got home from Idaho a month ago.  I've had a lot going on.  Well my goal for this week was to get a few projects done. 

My sister's birthday was Sunday and sadly I didn't have her present done.  I should have it finished today and in the mail tomorrow morning.  That is my goal. 

Tomorrow, if not today, I would like to get the free motion stitching done on a quilt I am being paid to finish.  Then I will just need to bind the two quilts and get them in the mail.  I want them mailed off by the 30th at the latest but sooner if possible.

Once those are done than I want to start on my Halloween projects and then move to fall.  I am also planning on making several hair clips to sell on my store.  They are so much fun and enjoyable to make.  I can make them at night when my kids are in bed.

I am also crocheting wash clothes to sell on my store.  So hopefully there will be several new things being posted on my store soon...within the next two weeks hopefully.

Well Yana is napping and and Sarah is watching her afternoon movie so it is off to the sewing room.  Yay.

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