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Monday, August 8, 2011

Fun in the sun.

Well I have kept my poor kids indoors pretty much since we've been back from Idaho.  Other than to go to the store or other indoor places they don't step out of the house.  I have been feeling really bad about that.  I've had a really bad attitude towards this heat and it is going to get us no where.  So this morning I went for a jog as you might have read already and while I was jogging I decided that I needed to get my kids outside more.  They need more physical activity as well.  I can't only be working to making myself healthier just to leave my family behind.

So after yoga and a shower I got dressed and went to wake up my beautiful girls and low and behold they were already awake...somewhat.  So I told them that if we hurried and got dressed and ate breakfast than we could go to the park.  I was thinking the park that we can walk to but my daughter asked if we could go to the "big park".  I decided why not.  We haven't been in a while and they deserve it.

Breakfast took a little longer than I was hoping for.  We had to deal with some stubborn streaks in my daughter but eventually we got through it.  We loaded up and went to the big park a few miles down the road and they had a blast.
 Sarah really likes to ride those things.  That was the first thing she went for.
Yana is going to be just like her sister.  They both love to swing and neither of them has any fear.  Yana would giggle and giggle as she was pushed a little higher.

Sarah went down the slides and ran around and had lots of fun.  It was getting warmer and warmer so we only stayed an hour but it was worth it.  I told her that if she was good and didn't have a fit when it was time to leave then we would go again tomorrow if we could.

We will either go back to the big park or we will walk to our park.  As soon as their eye infections are gone then we will go swimming as well.  We will just do all our outdoor stuff in the morning and in the evenings right before bed. 

If any of you have good ideas for things to do indoors with kids please fill free to share.

I will be starting Sarah on her own school program next week when the school year starts here.  Nothing huge but enough to help her learn some things she needs to for next years public school system.

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