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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Saturday or Sunday this guy knocks on our door and takes a survey.  He asked about our allergies and if anyone had asthma.  Josh has really bad allergies and since being to Oklahoma I have had to start taking allergy medicine.  So he took his survey and then left.  He left us a little card saying he would enter us into a drawing and if we won they would call.

Our names never get drawn so we figured that was the end of that.  Well Monday night we get this call saying that we are names had been drawn in a drawing for cutlery.  They wanted to know when a good time to come drop it off would be.  They also asked if we would mind hearing their little spiel on their product that they sell.  It had to do with a way to help relieve allergies and asthma.  Since we struggle with allergies we said sure.  So they came back yesterday at the scheduled time.

They introduced to us the Hyla.  It is a German product that filters the air through water.  It also helps your house maintain a certain humidity.  We were shown a lot of dust in the air and how it is worse the closer to the floor you get.

The Hyla system also has hookups to vacuum with while putting out clean and fresh air.  They spent like 5 minutes vacuuming in one spot and it was disgusting to see what came out of our carpet and it still wasn't clean.  Yana crawls on that floor every day.  I was disgusted.

You can put oils in it to spread fragrances through your house.  You can also put an air disinfectant in the water and it will help disinfect the air.  It should help us get feeling better when we are sick and hopefully we wont get sick so often anyways.  Yana has been sick with something pretty much since birth.  She has had a cold or worse most of the time.  We are thinking that it has something to do with the dust in the air and how filthy our floor is.  It can be used on hard wood and tile floors.

This morning I vacuumed for about 30 minutes.  Before that I had let it just filter in my daughters room for about 30 minutes.  Here are some pictures.
 This is it all set up.  Usually when you are just cleaning your air you don't have the hose and vacuum attached.
 This is the water after 30 minutes of air filtering and about thirty seconds on our floor.  It started out clean this morning.
This is after about 30 minutes of good vacuuming done mainly in my living room.

I felt much better about putting my children on the floor.  I will be cleaning the blinds and fan blades this afternoon and then the floor again.  I love this product.  I used to vacuum 3-5 days a week.  I aimed for every day but the weekends were hard because we were always playing...not cleaning.  With this after I get the house clean...I don't have to all in one shot.  Each time I use it, it cleans more and more until eventually the air is cleaner and the carpet as well.

It was nice also to deal with a person who didn't pressure us into buying it.

Well that is my new cleaner that should help us be healthier and I shouldn't have to clean as often.

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