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Monday, August 29, 2011

Exercising this week

I have a friend who lives near me.  She has three girls.  Two of which are now in school.  We both would like to be able to exercise every day but with our husband's going to work early and having children it makes it hard.  We talked about it and decided that we could help each other.  Every morning after she drops off her two oldest at school she will then drop her youngest off at my house.  She will then go exercise for 30 minutes and then I'll bring her daughter and my children to her house and then I'll go exercise for 30 minutes. 

We did that this morning and it worked out really well.  Now I don't have to go to bed with the chickens in order to get up before my husband goes to work.  Since I can now exercise on a regular basis again I sat down this morning and wrote out a schedule for this week.  Here it is:

Monday - Run 30 minutes easy run
                Strength train - upper body
Tuesday - Bike 30 minutes
                 Kettle bell workout
Wednesday - Run - 20-30 minutes - interval training
                 Strength train - upper body
Thursday - Bike 30 minutes
                 Kettle bell workout
Friday - Run 35 minutes
             Strength train - upper body
Saturday - Bike ride - 1 hour
Sunday - Rest

That is the plan.  So far so good.  The run went great.  It felt good.   It was definitely an easier run because I'm not sure I could have done much more.  Tonight after the girls are in bed I'll do my upper body strength training.

I challenge you all to find at least a few minutes for yourselves today.  It was nice having a few minutes to run and just think.

Have a wonderful day.  What do you have planned this week?

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