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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Final Cake decorating class!

The final  cake decorating class was last night.  We had to bring a cake already iced so all we would have to do was decorate it.  So here is the steps that my cake made last night.

 This is the cake after the top was cut off - leveled.
 The side view before being cut in half.
 Here is the wire cutting the cake.
The view before I separated the cake.
Here is the cake cut in half.
 The one on the left has chocolate frosting on it.
 I put them back together - now it is "torted".
I'm not sure if that is grammatically correct...work with me.
Here is the side view.  You can kind of see the frosting.
I didn't know how much frosting to put in the middle.
 First layer of icing.
 Final layer of icing.
I forgot to smooth the icing before class.
 Th lines aren't straight but it is a work in progress.
We learned how to do these roses in class.
 A better look at the roses.
So here is is.  I'm sending it to work so I wrote the company name on the cake.

I signed up for the next class last night.  It starts next Tuesday night.  I am so excited.  I need practice...lots of practice but I can do that.

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