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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A week full of firsts.

Last week was an interesting week.  I set a goal with my family that wouldn't watch any TV for a week.  I wanted more family time and less TV time and thought if we went through some of our withdrawals it would help in the weeks to come.  My husband agreed to it although I don't think he really wanted to do it.  He didn't really complain but I knew that he wanted to watch TV.

Friday was a good day.  We bummed around the house for a while.  We ended up going to the post office and mailing a breast bump to my brother whose wife had just had her first baby.  She is 5 weeks early but it looks like she might be able to come home soon.  My husband got home early.  He watched the kids so I could go for a jog.  I ended up talking to my mother for the full 20 minute jog.  It was nice.  The time just flew and before I knew it my jog was over.  I was planning a longer jog on Saturday morning so I didn't want to over do it.  My shins are finally not hurting when I jog and I don't want to push my luck.  That evening I went to our monthly "P Party" with the young women.  We work on our Personal Progress and visit and have fun.  It was a good day with no TV.

Saturday I didn't end up going for the jog in the morning but it was still an interesting morning.  While I was making sausage patties and pancakes I got hand soap in my eye.  I was washing my hand and it splashed up under my glasses and into my eye.  It hurt like the dickens.  I stood at the sink rinsing cold water in my eye in between turning the pancakes.  I have never had that happen before.  Shampoo soap...ya it has happened....hand soap...never.  We went to Tulsa and ended up in Sears looking at TVs. lol.  Go figure.  We aren't watching any but we are thinking about buying a bigger TV.  Don't worry.  We decided that if we really wanted one we could come back on Monday and the sales would still be on.  I did get my jog later in the evening.  I wanted to run for 40 minutes but figured I better add time a little at a time.  So I ran 36 minutes and got my 3 miles.  Happy day. 

Sunday we went to church.  Today was our last day of no TV.  I will confess we did end up watching TV today.  We had got a Tinkerbell movie from Netflix in the mail on Saturday and my husband and daughter wanted to watch TV.  I was feeling bad about being a TV Nazi and they had done good all week.  So at about 6 we watched Tinkerbell as a family.  Not bad.

So it was a very good week with lots of first and it did help me realize that we watch entirely way too much TV.  I will try to do better in the future.

I did learn just how much I like having the TV as an option.  Sarah doesn't nap anymore or she wont go to bed until 10 so we do rest time.  She lies on the couch with her pillow and a blanket and watches one movie while I sew or clean or do whatever.  We couldn't do that at all last week.  I will, however, cut down on the rest of the TV we watch each day.

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