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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Completed projects - ready to post

A while back I bought some material to make some more grocery sack holders to sell in my store.  Take a look.

 This is what it starts out as....a bunch of grocery sacks.  You either stick them inside of each other or you put them in a grocery sack holder.
 This is the very first one I made.  This is ours and it is used all the time.  I like to keep the sacks as garbage bags for my bathroom garbage's.  I keep ours in the kitchen hanging behind the door.
 Here is a flower printed one.  I hung it up in the pantry with our aprons.
 This is a leafy one.  I just sat it on the floor.  They don't have to hang if you don't have anywhere to hang them.
 This is a striped one with a yard stick so you can get a better idea of how big they are.  They are just kitchen towels turned into grocery sack holders.  You could even use them to hold socks if you wanted.
I thought this one worked really well in the kitchen because of the whisk on the bottom.  They have rope in each end.  One is tied tighter in order to hold the sacks in and the other is more loosely tied.  I don't cut the extra rope off in case you want to tie them at a different spot.

I absolutely love ours.  It helps keep our kitchen and pantry organized.  They make great gifts to those graduating seniors, to mothers, grandmothers, and anyone else who saves those pesky but very handy grocery sacks.  I will be posting them later today after we get back from the grocery store.  Keep checking back to see them at my store.

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