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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bike Ride

I decided earlier this week that I wanted to start riding my bike as well as jog.  It took me all week to get it done but I did it.  Since my shins are still giving me a little bit of a fit since I've started jogging again I decided to jog only 3 times a week rather than 4.  I would like to build up to jogging 5-6 times a week but for now I'll start with 3.  So that leaves me with 3 days of the week where I need some form of exercise.

I've always like riding bikes I've just never really done it for exercise purposes.  This morning after breakfast I: 1st, I sprayed the outside of our house for spiders and bugs.  2nd I pulled weeds in the flower bed and then 3rd I got the bike up and cleaned it off and even rubbed some spider spray on it.  (I get tired of riding my bike and having spiders crawl out on the handle bars or drop on my leg...)  Then when Yana was asleep away I went....that is after filling the tires with air.

I started out kind of slow thinking to myself "what have I gotten myself into".  After I got warmed up a little I noticed that I was riding faster and faster until this dog decided to follow me.  It was a little dog and I wasn't the least bit afraid of it...but...it wasn't going home and the owners were calling for it so I stopped so it would stop chasing and after about a minute of it just watching me and not going home I decided that I wasn't going to wait anymore and kept riding.  It eventually stopped chasing and went home (I hope). 

I had plans to ride for 30 minutes and then after riding for about 20 minutes I decided that for the first time that would be a good start.  I road 4.22 miles in 21 minutes.  That probably isn't much but it is a good start for me.  I hope that each time I ride it will get better and better.

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