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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2nd day without the TV

Yesterday I actually spent all day with my kids...no babysitters.  So we went to the Library at 10 and signed up for the summer reading program.  

If you live in the area you can sign your children up even if they can't read yet.  They signed my three year old and my five month old.  You(the parent) just have to read the books to them.  The way it works is they need to visit the library 4 times over the summer and each time they do they get a sticker.  So if you go twice a week like us then you have that in the bag in two weeks.  Then they also need to have books read to them or if they can read they read the books.  I know the prizes are a little differently for the older kids but for the younger kids they get 2 prizes.  When they read 8 books they get a little medal and when they reach 20 books they get a really cool blow up airplane.

After the library we came home.  After a few minutes I was asked to watch my friends two oldest daughters.  They needed to take their youngest to the hospital for stitches.  So we drove them to the hospital and then I brought the two oldest home with me and we played and colored and had lunch and snacks and just had fun.
 They started out with cheese, banana's and tomatoes.  Random I know but they had fun.  My daughter ate all and then stuck the toothpicks in her banana.
Later my friend and I went to Walmart to get some more things for our 72 hour kits.  We wanted to make sure we were prepared for the storm moving in.

We had the missionaries over for dinner and we spent a lot of the time listening to the storm radio.  Tornadoes were touching down near Oklahoma City and the weather was getting worse and worse around us.  We had thunderstorms and so much rain.  Our power flickered and it was so loud around us.  I wouldn't have been so nervous if I didn't have pictures of Joplin, MS going through my head.

Thankfully we didn't have any tornadoes.  Since we aren't watching any TV I still got lots done at the kitchen table.  Much like the night before I ready my scriptures and worked on other projects that needed to get done and finished a few of them.  It was a good night.  My husband is missing the TV more than I am.  I think because I have more indoor projects than he does.  If the weather was good he would have things to do outside.  We are hoping that the weather will turn nice and dry stuff out so we can work in the yard again.

I am really liking not having the TV on in the evenings.  I noticed that two other people voted that they would go through a week with no TV as well.  I don't know who you are and that is fine but if you want to share your experiences and activities please let me know.

Have a good.  We are going to the library again today.

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Valarie said...

Glad you did not get touched by the tornado! Congratulations on how good you are doing! Your a great mom and by the way Olivia won the biggest loser with Hannah 2nd and Irene 3rd. Demi (59) won the at home., she lost 48% of her body weight.

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