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Friday, May 27, 2011

The real 4th day of no TV

I just realized that the title of yesterday's blog was the 4th day of no TV.  Yesterday, Thursday, was the actual 4th day without TV.  It was a good day.  Another busy one.  In the morning we went to Play group at the church.  We took our friend and her three girls with us.  It was nice to go let our kids run around the gym while us moms visited.

When we got home Yana was asleep so I moved her to her crib and started sewing on some projects that needed to be done today.  I'll show pictures at a later date since I don't want some people to see them.  Then we (my girls and myself) headed to the home of the Young Woman president.  One of the other leaders in the Young Woman's came as well and we assembled some things.  You will understand more about this later when I share pictures.

After that we started brain storming for ideas for girls camp coming up June 6th.  The Young Woman President and myself will be going for our ward.  While I'm gone my lovely mother in law will be watching my kids.  I will be gone from the 6th at noon until the 10th at about noon.  That should also tell you that there will be no posts that week as I will not be near a computer for a week. I am SOOO excited to go to girls camp!!!

After that we came home to meet with the parents of our landlord in order to get our freezer fixed...they ended up not being able to come.  I cooked dinner and then got dressed in nicer clothes (I was wearing jogging capris and an old t-shirt) and my husband took me out to dinner and then we just walked around Walmart picking up a few things that we needed.  It was a nice date.

The kids were asleep when we got home.  We visited with the babysitter for a few minutes and then when she left I folded laundry and got ready for bed.  I have been so tired the last few days.

It was a good day with no TV.  I'm loving this but missing it when I want Sarah to take a rest time so I can go sew.

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