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Thursday, November 17, 2011

What an evening!

Well this evening did not go at all like I had planned in my head. 

About 5:30 Sarah tells me that her stomach hurt.  I looked at the clock and told her it was because she was hungry.  It was, after all, dinner time.  So I ask her what she wanted to eat and she told me, "Mac and Cheese".  No problem.  We actually had some in the fridge so I just put some in a bowl and warmed it up.  I had set it on the table and was trying to get my dinner ready when she tells me again that her stomach hurt.  I kept telling her it was because she was hungry.  I mean she was playing earlier.  I wouldn't think anything was wrong.

Well she is standing by her chair getting ready to climb up and she throws up.  All over my kitchen floor.  I was dumbstruck.  I just stood there.  She just stood there.  She has never thrown up.  I say that again.  She has never in all her almost 4 years of life thrown up.  I just didn't know what to do.  First of all I was trying not to throw up.  I really struggle being around when others are. 

So we got her undressed and in the tub.  Yana was sitting in her seat so she, thankfully, couldn't get into anything.

I eventually got everything cleaned up and Sarah in her pajamas.  She seemed fine.  She didn't act like she had the flu.  Maybe it was something she ate.  Well I had made her a piece of toast.  No more Mac and Cheese.  I wanted something that would help calm her stomach so I turned to toast.  Before she could even take a bite round two.  She did it again.  This time I grabbed her and ran to the bathroom.  Sadly, in the process my pants and the carpet got a little dirty, not to mention her pajamas were plastered.  So she got to sit by the toilet for a while in her underwear eating toast and drinking 7-Up.

Eventually I got her into some new pajamas and put to bed.  So far so good but the house stunk.  So out came the floor cleaning parts that attach to my Hyla.  First I cleaned the kitchen floor then took a short break to clean up those parts.  Then I put the carpet attachments on and for the first time cleaned the carpet.  The house doesn't stink anymore.

So now here I am sitting her.  Hopefully I didn't disgust any of you but I just couldn't keep this night to myself.

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