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Monday, November 7, 2011

Home safe and sound

Well it is Monday and we are home in Oklahoma.  Yesterday we flew out around 1:24 pm Mountain Standard time and got home around 7:50 Central Standard time.  The flights were good and our girls did fine.  Yana was really tired of being in her car seat by the time we got home though.

Today is going to be a busy and hectic day trying to get the house back in order, the fridge full of groceries laundry done, find time to exercise and just sit down to share our vacation with you.

Here is today's plan.  Right now I'm feeding my children,  then they will be taking a bath while I create a grocery list.  After their bath then we will go get groceries.  While Yana takes her nap I will go sew.  I need to vacuum, organize, put a new flag outside, do laundry, make more laundry soap, and share our vacation with you all.

In case any of you are dying to know, yes I did finish my half marathon on Saturday, but just to keep you all interested I'm not going to give you details until later.  Mainly because I'm out of time on the computer.  Have a good day.  I'll try to get a vacation post up this afternoon.

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