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Monday, November 21, 2011

My Thanksgiving list

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!  I am so excited for Thanksgiving this year for a few reasons.  The first to be mentioned but not necessarily the most important is that my husband and I have  not been eating starches and sugars and when we started we deemed Thanksgiving a cheat day.  So we are excited for the pumpkin pie and pumpkin cookies I'll be making.

Other than that the most important thing is how much we get to talk to our children about what we are thankful for.  Yes, we should be doing this all year long but this week is special because it happens more.

I want to start a list of what I am thankful for. 
I am thankful for:
My Heavenly Father
My Saviour
My wonderful husband
Our two beautiful girls
My husband's job
My talents
My health
The house we live in
Wonderful family not living near us
Good friends
Food in our cupboards
Clean water to drink
Clothes on our bodies
Shoes on our feet
The cars we drive
Good books to read
Good music to listen too
Modern technology
Modern medicine
Everyday comforts
That is not all.  I could get down and start naming every little thing that I am thankful for but that doesn't leave anything for the rest of you.

Please come share what you are thankful for with us.  Please post a comment with what you are thankful for.  You can share as much as you would like.

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