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Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Thanksgiving

Well today is November 28th the Monday after Thanksgiving.  I really hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Our week started out a little shaky.  My husband got sick Monday and I got sick Tuesday morning so last week didn't start the way we wanted.

We were both feeling about 90% on Wednesday and drove around to several stores to get last minute items for the big dinner Thursday and to help each other find some Christmas gift ideas.

Thursday morning we woke up about 8:40.  It was awesome.  My husband got up and started trying to find the big parade.  It was fun to watch it and remember.  About 2 years ago we were living in New Jersey during the holiday season and we took advantage of that and went to the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade.  It was a good experience and one that will probably only happen once. 

While we watched the parade I cooked.  I started with cookies.  I had prepared the pumpkins Wednesday night so all the ingredients were ready.  I accidentally made a full batch of cookies.  I meant to only make 1/2 a batch but it turned out ok.   Then I made the pie.  After the pie was done and cooling I started working on the rolls.  I made only 1/2 a batch because my kitchen aide can only handle that much.  We learned how to turn some of that dough into cinnamon rolls that were delicious.

Then once the rolls were done we pulled the turkey out of the cooler and got it in the oven.  We ended up eating the big dinner at about 5.  That was fine.  It was just us and we weren't in any hurry.
 This is most of the food that we ate.  After the turkey came out of the oven the sweet potatoes went right in and the stove was turned on to cook the potatoes for mashed potatoes.  I also made stove top stuffing and opened a can of olives.
Here we are before we started eating.  Let me just say that the turkey was delicious.  It was so moist and juicy.  I almost wasn't sure it was done all the temperature said it was and it looked done. 

The sad thing is that we couldn't eat very much.  We snacked lightly throughout the day and then we put a little of everything  on our plates and I almost couldn't finish it.

We waited an hour or so and then had a piece of pie.  It was so good.  Things just taste so much better when they are prepared from scratch.  I am so thankful that my friend taught me how to cook a pumpkin.

How was your Thanksgiving?


Colleen said...

I can't believe you did all that cooking all by yourself! Bravo! I hope you had fun even though it was just your cute, little family. I feel grateful that I still live close to mine and was able to have a big Thanksgiving dinner with everyone. :)

Lacie said...

Thanks Colleen. It was nice. We had friends invite us over but we decided that this year we wanted to have just our little family. It was a good day. Josh helped where he could.

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