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Friday, December 16, 2011


Well I still can't share any photos but I only have 1 gift left that needs mailed and 2 items that are for my girls and then I can get back to sewing for my store.  I also have about 10 more cards to get written and sent out.  I apologize for being MIA but I need to get this all done as soon as I can in order to get them out on time to make it before Christmas.

Things are going good.  Things are getting done and we are very excited for Christmas.

I've realized something.  As I have gotten older presents aren't as exciting as they were when I was a kid.  I think a lot of parents feel that way.  It is fun watching our kids open their gifts.  I've known that for a while but what I realized is that I'm really excited to see peoples responses to the gifts that we send them whether they are home made or store bought.  It is fun to get things for other people.

I hope that you are all getting ready.  We are trying really hard to make sure that our children understand what this holiday truly represents.  We talk them about Christ every day in hopes that they will understand and remember.  They don't completely understand what He did for us but they do understand that He is very important and that He loves them.  That is all I can hope for. 

Merry Christmas.  I'll let ya know Monday how the weekend went.  I should be able to mail everything off Monday and then start on my girls dresses.  This is so excited and fun.

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