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Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

Ok so I know I'm a day late but I have been hanging out with my family and loving every minute of it.  My husband didn't have to work Friday or today so we have been having lots of fun.  I'm gonna start by saying that we had a wonderful Christmas. 

We really tried hard to mention to our children why we really celebrate Christmas.  That we are celebrating Christ's  birth.  Sarah was excited for the gifts but I think she understood to a point what we were really celebrating.

Well Yana is a year old now.  I can hardly believe it.  The last year has just flown by.  Saturday we mainly hung out around the house and then made more cookies.  We made sugar cookies for Santa Claus because we didn't have any.  We used my recipe so they were so much better.  We even shared the cookies with a few neighbors.

We came home from that and got ready for bed and acted out the Christmas story in hopes that it would help Sarah understand better what we were celebrating.  Then we sang a few Christmas songs, checked where Santa Claus was at and sent them to bed.

Then when they went to bed I finished their dresses and my husband got the stockings ready.
 Well I forgot to take pictures of my girls wearing their dresses so I'll take those on Sunday.  Yana's is way too big because I accidentally made it two sizes too large.  I like to have something home made for them on Christmas morning.  The dresses were those things.  Yana got a camp chair because she just loves Sarah's.  We got the Car's Operation game to play as a family.  Lots of chocolate.  My husband hid the camera that Sarah wanted from Santa in the bottom of her stocking and it was very cute to see her reaction when she finally found it.
 You can't forget the pez.  Sarah just loves pez.
 Sarah got lots of learning games and books which should come in really helpful. 
We got a really cool camping kitchen.  We are so excited to use it.  My husband wanted to set it up in the kitchen and use it.

We got lots of movies.  The girls got lots of really cute clothes including the tutu you see her wearing in the picture above.

We had a wonderful day.  All of our gifts made it to our family members in time for Christmas.  They all seemed to like them.  So now I'll start sharing pictures of all the projects I was working on.  I don't think that will happen today.  I'm still getting the house back in order after Christmas but wanted to take a few minutes to check on my blog.

We have been so blessed this year by family and friends and we hope that you have as well.

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