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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I can't tell you what "IT" is yet but all that is important is that I finished it.  I've been trying to add up the hours that I have put into this project and I honestly think that I have close to if not more than 40 hours.  I mean if you think about it. 

Cutting: roughly 5-8 hours
Sewing: I'm guessing 10 hours
Quilting: roughly 33.5 hours
Finishing: 1.5 hours

These are all rough guesses.  I'm just looking at the calendar and thinking about the fact that my daughter usually sleeps 2-4 hours a day and usually sew the entire time.  Then for the last week and a half I have been sewing from about 8-8:30 to midnight.  I finished it this morning around 1:30.  It was a long night but it was so good to be done.

So today I started on the next project.  I have several more to get done and my husband has several that he has to finish as well.  I want to start on some cute dresses and matching coats for my girls for Christmas.  I will have them done by Christmas morning if I have to stay up all night sewing.  I'm so excited. 

I have already started thinking about presents and things to sew for next year.  I promise I'll share some pictures and tell you where these are all going after Christmas.  I'd hate to give the surprise away.

I hope that you are all getting everything done.  Have a great day.

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