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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Look what I did

We went to Hobby Lobby the other day and Sarah saw some pink yarn and just loved it.  She wanted me to buy it for her and so I bought it.  I don't usually buy random things like that just because my kids want it but Christmas was coming up and I thought that if I had time I could crochet her something for Christmas.

Well it didn't happen before Christmas because I didn't have time but I decided to crochet her a hat.  I found one online at Alli Crafts.  She has all sorts of free patterns there that are really cute.  I picked a hat and asked Sarah if she would like me to make it for her and she was super excited.

So I spent an hour online looking up stitches again and how to do magic rings and all sorts of stuff and then sat down and made her this really cute hat.
 She wore it all day yesterday.  She just loved it.  The flaps were easy and it was fun to learn.  It has me excited to make more.
 Isn't it cute.
I still need practice joining the rounds but it is cute and she likes it and that is all that matters.

Last night I sat down with the same pattern but for a smaller head and started making one for Yana.  I will make pom poms to attach to the top once I finish the one I'm working on. 

It is amazing what you can find online.

Well today is going to be a super busy day and it is already half over.  We started late and have lots to do.  I hope that you have a wonderful day.  I'll try to get on later and start sharing pictures of all the Christmas presents I made this year.

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