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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Quilt for Christmas

You might be asking yourself what all this is.  This is the beginning step in making the quilt that I made for my dad and stepmother.  My husband put coasters on my sewing cabinet so I could wheel it out into the living room and that is what I did.  I spent a few hours cutting the material while my girls played around me.  It allowed me to get more done during the day since I didn't have to wait until Yana went to bed.
I will probably start doing this on a normal basis so I can get more sewn during nap time.

 Here are all the squares after they were sewn.  I laid them on the floor to set up the rows in order to sew them.
Here are the squares sewn together and the white added before the border.
 It is a good thing we have a large living room.  You can see the border.  I have it sandwiched so I can pin it in order to start free motion quilting it.
Here it is in the sewing machine.  It took a long time and I worked muscles I didn't realize I had.
 We set it up on our bed for the pictures and almost decided to keep it for ourselves.
 We just loved this quilt.
I did my normal coral looking stitch and then on the border I did a different stitch as you can see in the picture.  I don't know what to call it.
I had a lot of fun sewing this quilt.  It was by far the biggest quilt I have done yet.  The sheet on the back was a king size sheet.

It arrived in time for Christmas and they tell me that they love it.  I'm already looking up more quilt patterns to make.

I'll share more Christmas projects later.

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