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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Monday for family home evening we decided to take the kids to the pumpkin patch to get this year's pumpkins.  I know, I know....your thinking "only two days before Halloween!"  Well last year we weren't here so we didn't do pumpkins and the year before that we carved them and in four days had to throw them away because they molded.  So yes we waited.  Sarah was so excited.  So loves the pumpkin patch.
We didn't have to go far.  It is around the corner from us.  Here we go.
Sarah kept trying to pick up the really big pumpkins. 
Yana couldn't decide on which little pumpkin she wanted.  She kept trading them every chance she got.
Sarah loved helping clean out the inside.  She had a blast.
Yana kept rearranging the stickers on her pumpkin.
Here is the finished pumpkin.  It was pretty fun.  We just stuck a flashlight in it because we didn't have any candles on hand.

The girls had a blast.  It was fun to see Sarah play in the pumpkin.  I know grownups who wont stick their hands inside the pumpkin.

Tonight we will go trick or treating and have fun.  I'll take some pictures and share them with you tomorrow.

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