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Monday, October 1, 2012

Our weekend

Well my husband got home from Texas right after I hit the submit button for the last post on Friday.  It was nice.  I wasn't expecting him for another couple of hours.  Then we did some running around after nap time.  We bought the rest of the material I need to cover my seat cushions.  I'm really glad that he came with me because we ended up buying material we didn't even look at the last time we looked at the material.

Saturday we went to the temple with the youth and then when we got home we worked in the yard.  I mowed and he weed eated.  Then while he started to work on the brick I put weed killer and grass seed on our yard.  Then I helped with the brick.  I took off the top bricks and packed dirt in between the lower bricks.

Then I got cleaned up and went to the Relief Society dinner and yearly broadcast.  It was very good and I loved it.  It is good to get away and spend time visiting with friends and learning new things.

Sunday was the primary program.  It was the first for Sarah.  She was great.  All the primary kids (ages 3-11) sat up in front and sang songs and had lines.  Sarah's line was "I can follow Jesus by being good."  She did really well.  I was fun to see her.  She kept waving at everyone.

After church we had a soup social with the ward.  It was fun.  I made a big batch of Borshe and had taken our crock pot to the church earlier.  We tried a few different soups and visited.  It was a lot of fun.

After that we just hung out around the house with our girls.  I finished cleaning the kitchen after all the cooking from that morning.

Today I am about ready to start cutting out material for the seat cushions.  I haven't had time before now.  I've taken Sarah to and from school, went grocery shopping, filled the car up with gas, cleaned the bathrooms, filled snack bags, and updated the calendar on our wall to October.  I love dry erase calendars.

Well I need to get a moving before I sit too long that I fall asleep and get nothing done.  Have a great afternoon.

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