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Monday, October 22, 2012

Why would I do that again?

Thursday was the first day of fall break for us.  Our first.  I took my girls to the "big" park.  This is something I don't see myself doing again without another adult.  It was a lot harder to watch two kids who went in separate directions than I thought.  That might seem weird but I've had to protect my kids from other kids trying to push them off the top platforms.  I really don't my child to go missing or to have to go to the emergency room because of the park.  Yana was content to run back and forth from the top platform on one side to the top platform on the other side.  Sarah likes to climb and go down the slides.  Yana really liked to stop and look out the railing.
 I have multiple pictures of her looking through the railing.
 I finally got her to stop and look at me for a minute.
 I wanted to take them to the swings but couldn't get a hold of Yana so Sarah talked her into going down the slide with her.
 They love this swing and the other one was gone so they shared.
My kids are so easy to entertain sometimes.  They love boxes.  It's great.  It was a boat.

Friday my husband got back from a week in Michigan and my in-laws came to town. It was great.  We picked my husband up at the air port.  Then we did some things around the house.  My husband wasn't feeling very well.  I went and ran errands with my mother in law.  I needed some time away.

Saturday my husband bought me a chest freezer.  Not a huge one because right now I don't want one.  We don't need something that large.  After it ran for a few hours I moved the meat into the new freezer and loved the amount of space I now have.  I made a pumpkin pie and pumpkin cookies from scratch...starting with a whole pumpkin.  We made Jalapeno poppers and pork ribs and had a great evening.

Sunday was sad because we always hate to see the grandparents go.  Today is still fall break and so I decided to go to Joann's to get material for a couple blankets but after I got all the way down to the store I realized I had forgotten my magazines with their patterns.  I was very frustrated with myself.  That isn't a drive I like to make everyday.  So instead we bought material to make a few Christmas tree skirts.  I'll get some pictures taken for you when I start working on them.

Well I still have a lot to do today and I'm not sure how I'm going to get it all done.  So I better continue.  Have a great Monday.

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