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Friday, February 10, 2012

Yesterday's walk

 Yesterday was one of those days.  I woke up and felt great for being tired and I wanted to go through the day without getting mad at my children.  Ya that didn't happen.  The morning was hard.  For some reason I was just mad and upset about everything Sarah and Yana did.  So after lunch and nap time I was looking outside and although it looked chili I decided we needed a walk.  So we got bundled up and went around the block.  Yana had fun.  She seemed to listen a little better this walk.  I still had to pick her up periodically to get her passed distractions.
 This is at the first corner and Yana and Sarah were just too cute.  Couldn't help myself.
 This was one of those distractions I had to eventually just carry her passed.  She eventually walked passed it but then went back.  It was good though because it also shares how tall she is compared to her sister.
 Sarah loves having pictures of her.  Every picture she asked to see it and I just had to tell her that she could wait and see all of them on the computer when we got home.
Our old neighbor (3 houses down) has a cute dog and when Yana saw the dog she just stopped and then kept trying to get to the dog.  He was really nice and crossed over to our side of the street and let her visit with the dog.  She was so cute.  She squealed and giggled and just have fun.  Sarah got in and had fun to.

It was a fun walk and it was really good to get out.  Afterwards there was cleaning, dress alterations and cooking dinner.  Today is even more chili and they are saying there is a chance of snow.  I say bring it on but I'm not really wanting to take my children outside in it at this point.  They just got over being sick and I don't want to send them right back into it right now.

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