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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monday's recap

Today is Tuesday for anyone who wasn't quite sure.  Sometimes I wake up and I am just not sure what day it is.  I have to keep looking at the calendar to remind myself.  Tuesday's are usually that day for me.  Monday is the beginning of the week so prettty easy to remember and then Wednesday's I have Young Women's in the evening so it is pretty easy to remember but Tuesday's don't usually have a lot.

There that is my random thought this morning.

Well yesterday was really good.  I did get into my sewing room and got most of the the pull over bibs cut as well as the ribbing for the neckline.  After that I didn't really want to us my serger while my daughter was napping.  Although it isn't too loud it is still louder than my sewing machine and does wake Yana up.  So I decided to work on the cute pants for my girls that I started a week or so ago.  One is almost finished and the other has about 2 steps before it is finished.  I'm really excited.  They are super cute.  As soon as they are finished I'll have them model them so I can get some pictures to share.

After nap time and snack time we went to the park and then came home, grabbed the basketball, some water and jackets and went back over by the park to the basketball court.  We were going to play basketball for Family Home Evening.  My husband didn't even get off work until 5:45 last night and by then we were getting really bored.  Don't get me wrong it was fun and Sarah and I chased each other all over.  We also had to chase Yana down several times to keep her from putting the nasty garbage that is strewn all over, in her mouth.  She also wanted to suck on the rocks.  So we left and went for a walk until my husband got home.  Then we went out for dinner and ice cream and came home.

After the girls went to bed I went for my jog and almost over did it.  I decided to do speed work.  So I set my phone up to have a 5 minute warm up followed by a 30 second fast run, 1 minute steady run, 45 second fast run.  That was supposed to be followed by another minute of steady but for some reason the 1 didn't stick so it went straight to another 30 second fast run.  I had it repeat 10 times and then had a 5 minute cool down.  I was exhausted and felt like some of the contestants on the Biggest Loser.  I wanted to leave my dinner on the side of the road for about half of the work out.  I kept going though even if I was getting a little slower and slower with every repeat.  I still ended up getting my 3 miles in with and average pace of 10:30 minutes per mile.

Then as soon as I get home we start playing musical furniture.  When that is all said and done we cleaned the kitchen and went to bed.  At some point before cleaning I laid down on the floor and did my 100 crunches for the day and almost couldn't get myself back up.

I am still exhausted this morning and still have my Biggest Loser workout to do.  But the number on the scale went down and although I'm tired I feel really good.  It is going to be another busy day with phone calls and running around town. 

Have a great day.

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