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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Well it has been an interesting week.  It is the 7th week of our family Biggest Loser competition.  I've ran once so far and hopefully I'll get in another couple runs this week around the weather.  I was able to go pick up my sewing machine yesterday and that was exciting.  I have missed it a lot actually.  I used my serger a lot but it just wasn't the same.  There are still things I just can't do without my sewing machine.

After we picked up my sewing machine we decided to buy some roses and surprise Josh at work.  So we drove over and went inside.  The security man called his desk and left a message.  We weren't in a hurry so we waited.  We only brought in 3 roses.  One from each of us.  My husband called back in a few minutes and was asked to come up to the desk.  When he walked around the corner there we stood with 3 roses.  We visited for a few minutes and then we left.  We got in the car and drove to the parking lot next to where he parks.  We took out 3 more roses and all the petals that had fallen off.  We walked over to his truck and put the 3 roses on the seat and spread the petals around the dash and seat and then came home.  It was fun.  I put the rest of the roses in vase and put them on the table.

I started altering a dress today and it is turning out beautifully.  I started working on it while my kids were upstairs playing.  I finished organizing my sewing room and then started working on the dress.  It looks much better than I envisioned it would.  I didn't take before pictures because I forgot but I'll take some after photo's to share with you.

No I'm looking up bike safety and maintenance and information on how to enroll Sarah in school this year.  Have a good afternoon and be safe.


Destiny Hampton said...

Who was the dress for. Was it one of yours or for someone else?

Lacie said...

No a lady I know has a daughter getting married and her "mother of the bride" dress needs a little length.

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