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Monday, February 13, 2012

Biggest Loser week 7

Well it is week 7 of our Biggest Loser family challenge.  Last week we were supposed to set a weight loss goal for the week and then get an additional 30 minutes of exercise every day except on the rest day(s).  It didn't matter what type.  We just needed to be active for at least 30 extra minutes.

Well I didn't reach my goal.  I did lose weight but I set a high goal in order to push myself.  I only ran once due to weather and other things coming up.  I did my Biggest Loser wii workout the 3 times it was scheduled and I used the bottom step in our house for step ups and it was a good week. 

This week we have a challenge to eat 1 extra fruit or veggie each day.  I know I will struggle with this because some days I do really good and eat lots and then the next I don't eat any.  So I bought several different veggies at the store this morning and already had some with lunch and I'll have some with dinner.

The other challenge is Jumping Jacks.  I want us to see for ourselves the difference from week 1.  Week 1 we did 1000 jumping jacks.  I know it was a lot for me.  I did it but I kept thinking to myself that I was glad it wasn't more.  Well this week the base goal is 1000 jumping jacks but I want each of us to set personal goals to do more than that.  I am going to do 2000 jumping jacks this week.  That is my goal. 

It snowed last night and this week is going to be hard to find time to run but I will try.

I also need to find time to ride my bike.  I need to start training for the Oklahoma Free Wheel in June.

I hope you are all doing well with your goals.  Keep going at it.  Don't give up.

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