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Monday, February 27, 2012

Biggest Loser week ?

Well last week I didn't do to well keeping up with anything online.  I didn't even send out the weekly Biggest Loser challenge.  It was just one of those weeks.  So I'm trying to start the week out on top of things.
This week the challenges are this:
Abs.  I don't care if you do sit ups or crunches.  I don't care if you are standing or lying on the floor.  You can do bicycle, normal, reverse or however you want.  We just need to do them.  I'm thinking that we can do at least 100 a day.  So that is the challenge.  Do at least 100 each day.  I would encourage you to do more if you have time and energy. 
The other challenge is also physical but should be good for all of us.  I don't know how many of you feel that if you have to modify an exercise that it isn't worth doing.  That it just doesn't work you out.  Well this week I want all of us to modify our exercises for at least one set.  So if you are doing squats and you do 3 sets of 25 I want you to modify them for 1 set of 25.  If you do jumping jacks modify them.  You don't have to modify everything.  Just one exercise each day at least one set.  I know that I have to alter my lunges after so many.  I do just fine on the right leg but it starts to hurt when I switch to my left leg so I alter them.  Something just doesn't feel right.  Believe it or not even with the modification my leg is still getting stronger.
We need to remember that this is a process that takes time.  Sometimes we have to modify things and we can't let that get us down.
So this is what we are doing this week.  If you are following along.   I encourage you to join us as well.  Even if you don't want to lose weight.  These things can help you maintain and stay healthy.  Have a wonderful Monday.


Anonymous said...

Most of a players power will come from core and legs. Abdominal workouts are apparently good for core. I prefer pole twists along with any other rotating abdominal core workout. This will allow the muscles to become more accustomed to moving in a manner similar to the hitting motion.

Lacie said...

Thanks Suzie. I als like abdominal exercises that require rotation.

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