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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New surprise project

Yesterday afternoon I went with a friend to JoAnn's to buy some material to alter her "mother of the bride" dress.  While there I saw some very cute material and just had to buy it.  It is for my girls.  I even got everything cut out last night after the girls went to bed.  I'm very excited.

Lately I've been missing the home made clothes for my girls.  Yana is wearing Sarah's old home made clothes.  I haven't made anything for Sarah except for dresses for at least a year.  I miss it and so I'm gonna work on it.  I have my serger and I can definitely do children's clothing with my serger so here I go.  You will just love it.  The material is sooooo cute.

Sarah is really excited.  She also wants me to make her an outfit with valentine's day material.  I don't know that that will get done before valentine's day though so I'm not sure I'll even buy the material.

I hope your all having a great Wednesday.

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