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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I miss my sewing machine!

Well I took my sewing machine in yesterday in the afternoon.  I had to take it to town.  I didn't make it down there until after 4 which wasn't the brightest idea on my part.  It was in a part of town that had me wondering where I was at.  But the store was nice inside and the people as nice as ever.  They loved my girls.  They kept telling me I should buy an embroidery machine.  Like they really need to tell me that.  I already want one.  I would love to buy one.  That would be the last piece of the puzzle and someday I will have it.  Right now I'm content with what I have though.

Well today I pulled out all my patterns and adult and chlidren alike.  I wanted to find some things to make for my family in between other projects.  Yana is wearing some of the old clothes I made for Sarah when she was little and I just thought to myself that I haven't made anything for Sarah other than dresses for a while and I miss seeing them in cute little clothes that I made.

I also pulled out a dress pattern for myself as well as a shirt pattern.  I pulled out my husband's button down shirt pattern to make something for him.

I am very excited.  This aftenoon I will be going to to Joann's with a friend who needs her mother of the bride dress altered so it will be fun to look at the material and see what there is.  I will start cutting out material and getting things ready for when my sewing machine gets back.  I also have my serger so I can still sew quite a bit. 

I'll let you know what I decide to do first.  Have a good afternoon.

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