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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What did I get myself into?

As you know my family is doing a Biggest Loser contest for our family.  It started June 1st and ends August 1st.  We are all looking for new ways to exercise and to lose weight.  I consider myself a runner and am trying to train for a half marathon later this year.  I run 4 times a week.

My sister in law has hurt her shins and can not run for a while but she does like to ride bikes.  So I had this crazy idea.  At the end of July she will be graduating with her Associates degree and the whole family will be coming to see her graduate.  She lives in Idaho.  Our grandfather lives in Island Park and we love to go there.  So my crazy idea....to ride bikes from the cabin to West Yellowstone.  It is about 32 miles away.  The road is in the mountains so there will be ups and downs and traffic.  Thankfully most of the road is 4 lanes so cars can go around us.

Right now I can ride a 6 minute mile pretty steady.  I can ride a 4 minute mile but I don't know how steady.  So we are going to train.  I will now be riding a bike probably 3-4 times a week in preparation and the closer it gets probably more often.  I have a month or so to train.  I have no idea how to train for such an event other than to ride a bike and get my rear end used to sitting.

Any suggestions for those of you who bike a lot?  I could use all the advice I can get.

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