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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Holy Cow it is already Thursday

Man this week is flying so fast.  Granted it didn't really start until Tuesday.  Yesterday was a good day.  We got lots done...none of it sewing.  We went to Walmart to get our groceries and then in the afternoon my friend watched my kids so I could get a jog in for the day.

Later in the evening I went to Mutual and had a great time.  Last night was basically dedicated to the graduating laurels.  A while ago I made some purses for them. 
This isn't the greatest picture I know but it was the only one I had.  We filled these bags with odds and ends.  Things like:  Measuring cup, towel, cute pens, journals, recipe cards, cake and cookie mixes and so forth. 

We presented them with the bags and a journal/scrapbook page and then we asked them for their advice to the younger girls.  They each gave wonderful advice. 
Things like :not waiting til their senior years to get their Personal Progress done.
Be best friends with your mom.
Be kind to your parents and listen to them.
Don't lie to your parents....they always find out the truth.
Be yourself
Find yourself now instead of waiting til later.
Work hard and don't give up.

There was lots of advice given and I didn't write it all down.  It was awesome.  Then we watched an awesome short video that one of our leaders put together.  It was really good.  Then they swam in the pool.

It was so nice to spend time with our youth and see them have fun together no matter their age.

While I was at the young women meeting my husband took our oldest daughter to the pool.  They had a blast.  Sarah loves to swim.  She is our little fishy.

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