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Monday, June 13, 2011

Girls Camp was AWESOME!!!!

Last week I closed up my shop and stopped texting in order to go to the Young Women's (YW) girl's camp.  It ran from Monday to Friday.  This has been planned all year long.  It was a Stake girl's camp.  It was the Tulsa Oklahoma East Stake.  I was partnered up with the YW's president from our ward.  First we were in charge of making sure all of our own girls made it to camp as well as their totes.  So I picked up the YW President's trailer and we loaded all the totes onto it.  She had to be to camp with the 4th year girls by 9 in the morning.  I had to be there with the Young Women Leaders (YCL's) from my ward. 

Once at camp we were in charge of half of the third year girls from our stake.  There were 10 cabins built back in the 30's.  They are pretty plain.  There are 3 bunk beds on each side of the cabin so it will fit 12 girls on beds.  Lucky us we had 12 girls and then us.  So we slept on the floor.  We took air mattresses.

 The sign says Welcome Castaways.  Our cabin was the S.S. Minnow from "Gilligan's Island"  Our theme song.....was the theme song from "Gilligan's Island"
This year at camp the theme was "The Gospel is My Anchor" so each cabin had a name and a theme song.
We decorated our cabin Monday so it would be done and welcoming for the girls who would be arriving on Tuesday morning.  Later Monday evening we (leaders) went on the hike that we would be taking our girls on on Wednesday.  We needed to know where it started and where it should stop as well as what we could talk about.  It was cool.  I had seen one Tic in my entire life until Monday.  There were so many Tics.  Luckily they didn't seem to like me.

Tuesday the girls got there in the morning and we welcomed them to our cabin and helped them get settled in.  Then the busy schedule began.  Every day we had a Workshop, a Craft, and Certification.  They each lasted an hour.  Wednesday morning we went for a hike in the morning while it was still cool outside.
 There were quite a few of us.  It was very pretty.  It isn't a hard hike.  It is supposed to be about 1.5 miles but it doesn't seem like it is even a mile so who knows.
 Half way through the hike there is "Lookout Point"  It is pretty cool.  These pictures are the view from that point.

 These two pictures are of the creek below our cabin a short distance.  There a couple really small waterfalls.  It is so pretty down there.  We ended up going back down on Thursday with grocery sacks to pick up the garbage that had been left there by other people.  It is amazing how much garbage was down there.  We found diapers and bottles and cigarettes.  It was much prettier when we got done.
It was a good week.  Wednesday after the hike the girls were allowed to swim at the pool and then again on Thursday they could go swimming.

Throughout the week we saw raccoons and armadillos. We played games, walked a lot, and had lots of fun.  We learned so much.  I missed going to girl's camp.  I am so glad that I could go.  I would love to go again next year.

I hope that you all had a good week.  Thanks for checking back throughout the week.  I'll let you know how things go with me getting into the swing of things.

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