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Friday, April 15, 2011

Take 5 minutes for yourself

This week has been good.  I haven't spent as much time in the sewing room as I wanted but I did sew.  I have one table runner a binding away from being ready to post.  I fixed another dress for prom as well.

I started running again last Saturday.  I ran Monday and Tuesday and Wednesdays are my rest day.  Yesterday we had a tornado warning and lots and lots of rain so I didn't run.  This morning I did a 12 minute workout by Robert Ferguson and a 25 minute Kettle bell workout.  I am feeling really good.  I've had breakfast and a snack and 5 glasses of water already.

Today I well make time to put the binding on my table runner.  I will make time to play with Sarah one on one.  I will make time to make a healthy dinner.  It is rainy outside so we wont be going to the park but I will get Sarah some exercise by running around our house and having fun.  I will clean my house. 

I told my husband this morning that I needed to find time to sew and he told me that if I'm looking for time to sew I will struggle to find it.  He told me that if I really want to sew I need to make time.  I will make 5 minutes for myself.

Tonight is the ladies retreat in my ward and I'm looking forward to it.  Josh will take care of the girls and I will go have fun with the ladies in the ward.

I challenge you all to make 5 minutes of peace and quiet for yourselves today as I will make 5 minutes of time for myself as well.

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