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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My first time with the Red Box

Well yesterday as I was looking at the website http://www.freebies2deals.com/ I noticed that it said that you could get a free movie from the blue boxes if you use their code.  However, I don't know where any blue boxes are.  I know I've seen them I just don't remember were.  I see the red boxes all over the place.

I had this idea to use the blue box to rent "Tangled" since we have not yet seen it.  I also so I think on the same website that Target has "Tangled" on sale and you can use an additional coupon to save even more.  I have heard so many good things about the movie but don't want to just buy it if I haven't seen it.

So, yesterday morning we went to Walgreen's because I wanted to buy the Sunday paper.  While there I picked up a few other things we needed but I didn't want to have to go to Walmart for.  I was looking through Walgreen's paper and saw that if I bought 2 dozen eggs than I would get 2 free movies from red box.  I needed eggs so it looked like a good idea.

Later that evening when we went out for dinner we stopped and used the red box.  Here is what I learned.
          1 - Just because the movie is on the list doesn't mean it is in the red box you are using.  There were two red boxes and one had the movie "Tangled" and the other didn't.
          2 - The code isn't very long.  I was trying to put both codes in at the same time.
          3 - You still have to use your credit card in case you don't return the movie in time.
          4 - You can only watch so many movies in one night so be careful how many you rent.

Overall it was a good experience.  We use netflix but didn't want to wait until it came out on netflix.  I think we will use the red and blue boxes in the future as well.  We haven't watched "Tangled" yet.  My daughter and I will watch it today and let you know what our thoughts are and if we are going to buy it. 

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